Demolition of Multis

St Martin’s survived the blow down of Butterburn and Bucklemaker, June 2013, but not without some damage to a rear corner of the church building

Photos of St Martin’s and the demolition:

St Martin’s before the demolition

St Martin's awaiting Multis blowdown

St Martin’s following the demolition of the multis

Preparing to check the church

Preparing to check St Martin’s post blow down of multisBishop and Alison after blowdownRt Rev Nigel Peyton (left) and Rev Alison Jones inspecting the damage. Courtesy of DC Thomson/ Kris MillerBucklemaker on the way downBucklemaker ‘going down’Multlis blowdown 30jkmcmult7Bucklemaker top storeys head towards St Martin’s Courtesy of DC Thomson/ Kris MillerEmergency exit

Bird's eye view

Bird’s eye view

HAJ looking at damage, DC Thomson

Revd Alison Jones with the damage caused to the church hall by the falling buildings. Courtesy of DC Thomson/ Kris Miller

A close shaveA close shave for the church
Emergency exit damage following demolition of multis

Emergency exit damage

Rubble in corridor

Rubble in the corridor

Flat that went to church

The Bucklemaker flat that went to church

Bucklemaker gets up close with St Martin's

Bucklemaker came rather too close for comfort

Scoffolding prevented more damage

Scaffolding appears to have prevented more damage

Some mangled scaffolding

Some mangled scaffolding

Surrounded by rubble

Rear corner of church building, surrounded by rubble

Surrounded by rubble

Rubble, rubble everywhere!

Clearing the debris

Clearing the debris at back of the church building

Damage at back

Damage at back of church building

Church back view with Bucklemaker and Butterburn

Back of St Martin’s with Bucklemaker ahead and Butterburn on the right

Damaged roof and lintle

Damaged roof and lintel

Oh dear!

Oh dear!

Clearing rubble at rear of church

Safedem clearing rubble at rear of church

Close up of damage to church roof, emergency exit and office

Close up of damage to roof, emergency exit and office area

Hole in the roof by Chris

A hole in the roof!

Sweeping the roof

Sweeping rubble off the back roof of St Martin’s building

Shifting rubble from church corner

Shifting yet more rubble from corner of church building

Butterburn remains

Butterburn remains behind St Martin’s

Rubble and Church

What’s left of Bucklemaker at the side of St Martin’s

St Martin's Church, new skyline

St Martin’s Church, a new skyline